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Strong in core concepts? The right platform to flex the mechanical engineering knowledge is right here. This is technical event where the participants will be asked to attempt a quiz. The question paper will be circulated. To make the event different from the conventional quiz contests, we have incorporated a mock simulation of the technical interview rounds which take place during campus placements. Round 2 consists of group discussion followed by interview in the third round. In addition to testing the core concepts of a participant, this particular event acts like a mock placement round which in turn facilitates the students to get exposed to the placement process.


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    Technical quiz -

    Firstly, all participants are given a question paper of 25 questions , with 15 technical and 10 general knowledge. Name of the student, year of study and official email address must be written on the answer script. Technical questions are taken from SOM, Thermal , Design, KOM, DOM. In case the participants are 60+, the number of shortlisted students will be 25+. In this scenario, we will further shortlist the candidates by conducting an oral quiz. The first person to get the correct answer wins a point. If more than 20 seconds pass and none answers, we move to the next question. 15 students are shortlisted from this round.

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    Group Discussion -

    Group discussion will be conducted and judged by one or two faculty members. It will be conducted in a round table conference set -up to mock the real time GD sessions 3 sessions with 5 students in each session will attend the GD. The top 3 students will be selected from the entire round and they will be the finalists.

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    Interview -

    The interview is held by a committee of professors. The finalists now, attend the interview one by one . Two winners will be selected by the professors.


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